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My entire life was inside my iPod. Every day. Every year. Every sweet memory. Was.

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My name is Kevin. I draw. I write. Most of what I draw or write makes it on here. Words and Pictures above this paragraph will direct you. Be warned, it's all very random.



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6 August 12

The slow version of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous is so much prettier than the radio version. Listen to this asap.

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15 May 12

Needing/GettingO.K. Go

This is not the studio version.

20 April 12

Wide Eyes (Live, Acoustic)Local Natives

31 March 12

If Ever You’re In My Arms AgainPeabo Bryson

24 March 12

Be Good or Be GoneFionn Regan

19 March 12

SCOTT PILGRIM “Threshold 8 bit” vs. Ludacris “How Low” ◘ Mike Relm

15 March 12

Be My WitnessBahamas

8 March 12

The CaveMumford & Sons

I love the banjo part

3 March 12

Sweet DispositionThe Temper Trap

T’would be nice. Feeling detached though.

27 February 12

Marathon RunnerYellow Ostrich

The fuck am I running for.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh